The Owner of and R&R Services based out of Seattle WA. He has been working in the bakery industry as a bakery engineer for the last 35 years. He is revered as one of the best in the industry when it comes to knowledge, service, installation, and moving bakery equipment. He is also known for is uncanny ability to move bakeries in a fast manner that maintains the lowest down time possible for the customer. He knows bakeries in and out and knows the equipment even better.


The co-owner of R&R Services and and head of administrative duties. She supervises all administrative matters. She and Ron have been married for the past 33 years.


Has been with R&R Services for 11 Years. Tony has a vast knowledge of bakery equipment and is always willing to assist you when ever a problem appears.


Sales Manager in charge of all equipment sales. He is the only son of Ron and Cheryl. He has grown up in the business acquiring knowledge of bakery equipment. Chris has been selling equipment for the past two years. He has been involved in many equipment installs and bakery moves and he is working towards a degree in Law and Justice with the eventual goal of attending law school.


Office Manager for the past six months. She is in charge of accounts payable, answering phones and overseeing other administrative tasks. Charlene is one of three of Ron and Cheryl's children. She is currently working towards a degree in early childhood development.


Office assistant in charge of accounts receivable while working towards her A.A. degree and eventual career in real estate.